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Clapman's Catalogue of World Coin Varieties?



Is this as common as a 1948 New Zealand Penny?

Hello everyone!

I have encounterd a coin to which I have no reference to.

I was told it was listed as a variety in Clapman's Catalog of New Zealand Coin Varieties.

I cannot find any such thing. No ISBN # either.


It is not that I wish to own this coin, but I would like to be more knowledgable.

If anyone has a copy, has heard of the catalog, or knows anything, I would like to hear from you.

This may be just a 1948 NZ penny. Perhaps it is hidden along with the 1992 $15 Canada Olympic plain edge coins.

Anyway........if you have anything useful, I would like the enlightenment.

My latest acquisition?

A 1942 NZ 3d "one dot". It's pretty decent for it's age.

Also a 1934 NZ 3d Uncirculated with a die crack.

The bar has been raised! lol

I have submissions at both NCS and PCGS. I promise you I will keep you posted. You know who you are.

Oh, I know it's not always "fashionable" to speak out, but I have to thank those that send the emails in support what I stand for. THANKS! I may never be close to being a great collector, but I am a collector.

More to come shortly!

Nice Morgan you got there too, Robert!

G'nite all




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