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It's too bad it never caught on in New Zealand

Hi everyone!

I got the remnants of the NZ submission back today. The "Environmental Damage" is a vague, but accurate description.

Carbon spots, patina, and toning........all products of a less than perfect environment.

Well, I got spots. A little black and green in about a dozen places. Am I happy?........NO. Are they my fault?......NO.

I should look so good when I reach 64 years of age.

I asked about getting them "conserved, but waited until no one answered, and next they were at NGC.

The coins spent 2 weeks at NGC. The 1945 could have been sent to NCS if someone had only taken the initiative. I would have been happy to spend a few more bucks while it was there. If they can indeed work wonders, this should be"cake". I am told that once it is rejected for grading by NGC, it is hopeless to try to go through NCS services to retry.

I want to thank those that offered support, solutions, and, condolences.

I cleaned a sacrificial 1945 British penny and it looks super. It had a huge green blob at about the 2:00 o'clock position. A little hot soapy water and a jillion Q-tips, and it's as good as new. Not quite. It is looking great though. There was a lot of shiny under the dirt too.

All I wanted was to have a 100% graded set of NZ coins. On a small fixed income I was hoping to do a few. I'll take a PrAg if that's all it is.

Now I have to scrutinize every cent.....literally.

Let's hope NCS has the solution...pardon the pun.

This coin is too nice to toss in a flea market grab bag.

I hope none of you are going through these tribulations.

I just sent my proof set back to the Mint....again. The silver proofs are out and where's mine? Overnight delivery by August?

You all will be grading the 2010 sets by the time I get a decent set of 2009.

Let's hope things get better. I may even move up to "improperly cleaned" status. lol

Have a great week!

Oh....here is the one I "cleaned".




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