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and 3 days

Hello fellow collectors!

It's a year for me too! Plus a few days, but who's counting.

Just remember one thing.......it's all your fault.

Every member of this Society is to blame for my addiction to this hobby.

A year ago I started to enter a few NGC graded Silver Eagles and my PF 70 2006 Franklin Commems. It was a great place to keep my meager sets in order and an excellent "offsite" data base.

As a few of you remember(and some wish to forget)I became a paying member a while later. When a Society member(anonymous for good reason) asked me if I was entering any sets for competition.

Competition? You guys compete? For money? For prizes? For what?

I found out soon enough.

I had to learn about coins, and sets, and timing, and grading and.........yada, yada, yada.

I had some sets working, but nothing worth entering.

PRESTO!!! The magic of this Society came to be.

A little encouragement. Some great advice. A few great deals from a few great members, and voila!

I made 2 sets with a #1 rating in 2008. Two beautiful certs for framing. Not too shabby?

You all started the fire, a conflagration of sorts.

I worked my butt off to get a few more worthy coins. I quit smoking to get a 70 where a 69 would have been. I was aided by great members/dealers with a few super deals on coins to finish my work.

My New Year's resolution was to be fortunate enough to maintain my 2 award winning sets for this year's deadline. I dreamed and hoped to make it to a 500 ranking.

I have been very fortunate. My sets have improved. I have added a few new sets, and diversified a bit. I made it to 500. I have taken advice. I have given advice. I asked you for help and to help a few others. I got it too. Members helping members. Proud members too.

Like me, hate me, whatever you will. It's all your fault!

I have opened a few eyes. I have dropped a few jaws. I have raised eyebrows, and shut a few mouths. I have done it. I have reached my goals, and almost too easily.

It's still all your fault. Without you, there would be no competition. Competition is the basis for the comradery.

You're all to blame for me wanting the better sets.

Without you, I'd just have a few coins and no one to relate to.

At my age, I shouldn't be so enthusiastic, or agressive, but....

you did it. I try to get more members into it too.

I've done a lot of worse things in my life, and spent money more unwisely. I bet you have too?

Two words can sum this first year's experience.





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