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I see experts are like playoffs. Don't get me started on playoffs.

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a happy, and safe 4th.

I tried a week ago to query the braintrust of the Society, and I am still as baffled as before.


I recently acquired a box of pre-decimal New Zealand coins. There are a few 1945 pennies. I'd like to send them to NGC for grading, however, there is also a slot for the 1945 "burnished flan" coin?

How does one tell the difference? KM#s are 13 and 13A. I cannot find a definitive characteristic, that unequivocally separates them.

How are these so different?

I have some Aussie friends, and have asked a dozen Kiwis, to show me how to tell, and they cannot.

New Zealand coin dealer secret too?

I guess you had to be at the mint when they were struck? No help from the books either. I have checked about a dozen, and some don't even mention them.

I guess if I send a "burnished" 1945 to NCS first it will come out a nice 1945?

It is nice of Krause to throw a few numbers up in the air and not know a thing about what they land upon.

PCGS doesn't even recognize a variety of this coin.

According to population reports, there are none graded?

It's almost like the elusive 1992 Olympic $15 Canada plain rim coins. The Canadians don't even know about them.

I guess I'll have to start a #1 set of non-existent coins?

I am hoping someone will be able to help me out there.

Show me either coin, and I'll start to consider their existence.

Show me how to identify a burnished 63 year old coin and I will try it.

Until then I'll see if Tom Landry or Bill Parsells have a clue.

Oh, my replacement proofs came from the Mint. I don't need an expert to tell me to send them back. Postage is killing me on this junk. I hope they get it right by the time they start screwing around with the silver sets. It would be a shame to waste good silver on quarters when they need it for Eagles.

If they make proof coins solely for collectors, why are they so

poor in quality?

I guess I have to buy a graded set to have anything nice.

I hope no one else has these problems, but I am getting fed up with the system.

I do know the answer to this week's trivia though. That was by accident.

Will the real coin experts please stand up?

Oh.....I sent one 1945 in as a "burnished" coin. Now prove it isn't!

Have a great weekend!




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