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Even a 67 would have been great!

Hi all!

I sent a very nice graded cent to NGC for grading. It was done already by a well known third party grading company. People buy their coins every day! I got it for $2.50. I said to myself.......Self....why not?

So I did. I cracked out a 70 and hoped for a 68. Losing 2 grades is to be expected even with a very nice specimen. As you can see, I was wrong. I will have 2 options when I get it in hand.

Laugh until I cry, or throw it in the "Goodwill box" on the corner.

I hate to say so, but it looked nice enough to take a chance at a 68. My 2009 nice new proofs are going back to the junkyard that sent them. I'd be embarrassed to send them for grading. Between scratches and finger prints, they are already hazed and look like they're 10 years old. I am ashamed to show them to anyone.

I need a 2009 NGC PF 70 dime like now!

Email me if you have one?

Thanks for your ears, and Jeffrey?

I do a lot of crazy things....if you haven't noticed!

G'Nite All




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