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A DAY LATE AND A.............?



Few COAs short!

Hello everyone!

Here I thought I was doing everything right. I filled out the submission forms with everything needed to adequately convey my submission to the actual/eventual graded slab. I just happened to omit:

The Certificate of Authenticity!!!

Some Canadian coins have a serial number on the COA.

Can everyone in unison say DUH???

Thank goodness a fax is somewhat faster than snailmail. My coins arrived, and they should mate up tomorrow or the next day.

The next hurdle is........turnaround times. My little package is now sandwiched somewhere in between the huge cartons and cases of those with all the sets that popped up this week. I guess that's OK. I have been here before. I am looking for only 4 coins out of them all to be 70s. After that, I will take what I am dealt.

To all of you with hope for the pennies, I think your wishes will come true. I didn't look too long, but they looked great. Maybe real metal is the key thing that's been missing?

I would like at least a PF 70 set of them to pass on. They are the future of the run!

I hope during these tough times, everyone is making it work. I have been very fortunate to do as well as I have. I am blessed with both good friends and acquaintances.

I'd like to also take time to thank those that looked, or are looking at eBid. My coins will be there for now. I do much better, and it is way cheaper.

I would also like to thank the few that take time to introduce themselves. I get email from newbies and vested members alike.

To Lisa, Amy, and the rest of the team at NGC. To the collectors, dealers, and friends that love coins. To those that reached out, and are reaching out, to Society members in need...


Your attention and devotion are not going unnoticed.




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