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Original 1998 Liberty Dollar (aka NORFED dollar)

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This is related to Hawaii !!!

NOTE: You can tell the writing style difference of an author's journal entry  by the subject matter. On one hand you get regurgitation of previously documented information or what one owns. It's OK, but not exciting or groundbreaking. On the other hand you get thought provoking or I did not know this with a dumbfoundedness result. I hope I'm in the later category.

Bernard von NotHaus was one of the co-founders of The Hawaiian Mint, which evolved into the Royal Hawaiian Mint, and he got into a heap of trouble with the US Government with his National Organization For the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act (NORFED) coinage and currency.

As a Hawaiiana numismatist, I must cover all numismatic aspects related to the Hawaiian Islands. The original NORFED Liberty dollars is such a coin. It's listed in World Price Guide at the NGC website:


Waifs in Gold Boots, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, was created by the Royal Hawaiian Mint to document their issues. This spreadsheet was in the public domain at one point. Anyway, listed in this spreadsheet are three design elements that tell the story of the 1998 NORFED Libery dollar.


This is a must have reference for Hawaiiana numismatist. Note the mintage (column J) and other key numismatic information!

The image below is a visual of my original research finding. (I used a silver specimen of the 1975 Kamehameha issue with the "EARTH" design)


As you can plainly see, the incorporation of design elements to form the original 1998 NORFED Liberty dollar came from previous issues of the The Hawaiian Mint/Royal Hawaiian Mint.

This research would make a splendid exhibit, along with the controversy of this first 1998 NORFED issue.

I was in a state of dumbfoundedness when I first discovered this and the first to document this find in my personal blog a few years ago.

Finally, the mintage of the 1998 Liberty Dollar X# 201 is 150 specimens (which is not documented anywhere , except in  Waifs in Gold Boots).


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A student of the NORFED Liberty Dollars. So many varieties, limited mintage, Hallmarks to very rare varieties. Worked closely with distributors and Bernard Von Nothaus. Grading these are truly not cut and dry, but graded NORFED's has been a desire of mine for years! To me they belong, they fit all the Numismatic criteria. Let's see were this goes.   

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