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What's in a grade?



My Lancaster is nicer than your Braille

Hello everyone!

I just got my Canadian coin back, and is it a beauty? WOW!

It is so nice, I can say it is even nicer than MY PF69 Braille.

Only 19 more to make a set, but anything is possible.

To those that questioned my intensity with the Sacagawea sets,

I say......I have diversified!

Canadian proofs match anything we do. They even do holograms and pure gold (plated) cameos.

Most of these are very limited also. Mintage on most is less than the 1995W Eagle.

I got mine graded to be able to see them up close without harming them.

I have even listed a few on the new auction site. Not many members have joined, but that's OK. My listing fees have dropped dramatically and exposure has quadrupled.

Here is one going to auction......it's still nice!

Happy 70s to everyone. More good news coming soon!




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