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My recent US Mint experience



While on a business trip to Washington

I am in Washington this week for business and after the working day is complete, I thought that I would go over to Union Station where the US Mint has a desk where they sell their items.

Unfortunately, they have NO Puerto Rico quarter rolls or bags nor do they have the new Lincoln cent rolls. They were sold out and the man behind the desk said there would be no more. I was able to go online and order these items (although some are backordered). I was able to get the silver quarters proof set and they were previewing the new 2009 Proof Sets. For all those people who complained when the US Mint went to 3 lenses for 2008, get ready for 2009 when there will be 4 lenses (one each for quarters, cents, dollars and everything else!).

On a positive note, I did obtain what looks to be a BU Puerto Rico Quarter (P mint) out of a soda machine while here. I was fortunate that the machine accepted $5 for a $1.25 purchase and gave me all quarters (and dimes and nickels) as change. It made for a day with a lot of change in my pocket but unlike the Coke machines in the Atlanta Airport which give out presidential dollars and sacs as change.



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