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My trial set has been graded.



The results are in!

Hello everyone!

The trial is over. The 8 Sacagawea PF 70 coins I sent to PCGS for crossover are done!

You all had your ideas and preferences. My $1,500.00 set is now a little less than $500.

I will also lose a #1 Registry set this year. I hope everyone that gripes about the two grading companies, now has a different perspective.


Now you know why PCGS is more expensive than NGC. They have fewer 70s.

Not a PF 70 in 8 submissions!

Here's the official page from PCGS:

Order #20293537 / Submission #3970433

Line # Item # Cert # PCGS No. CoinDate Denomination Variety Country Grade

1 1 14780307 99598 2000-S SAC$1 US PR69DC

2 1 14780308 99599 2001-S SAC$1 US PR69DC

3 1 14780309 916000 2002-S SAC$1 US PR69DC

4 1 14780310 916001 2003-S SAC$1 US PR69DC

5 1 14780311 916002 2004-S SAC$1 US PR69DC

6 1 14780312 916003 2005-S SAC$1 US PR69DC

7 1 14780313 916004 2006-S SAC$1 US PR69DC

8 1 14780314 149568 2007-S SAC$1 US PR69DC

Total Items: 8

Date Received: 4/8/2009

Date Shipped: N/A

Order Status: OK

These all went to PCGS in NGC PF 70 Ultra Cameo slabs.

I'll have them back next week....I guess.

The results made up my mind.

I just finished another NGC World coin submission form.

Oh.....and now I'll have to re-enter them again! More scans too?

See what I do for the good of the Society?.....lol

Have a great evening and weekend!




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