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Deal or no deal?

Hello everyone!

Just to clear up the fine print.

The few coins I offered in my last Journal are NOT for sale!

I have an Ebay account. I buy and sell there.

The coins were, and are being offered as a donation for a fixed sum.

I offered them to Society members first. I will give up my coins if another member gives up the cash. A fair gesture?

If a member wants to help, it is up to them. My coins are just something to negate the thought of a charity thing.

If no member wants to help, my coins will be happy right where they are.

I may have ruffled a few feathers, but I want the record set straight. I didn't create this lousy economy!

I may not have been here long, but I am proud of my membership.

I have respect for the time and effort it takes to be in this hobby. I also respect the money it took.

On another note: Welcome back SchatzyJr.

Thank you




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