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Here's a deal for everyone!



The price is right?

I will sweeten the pot too!Good Evening fellow collectors!As I am only known here for what I write, it is time to take the initiative.I am hereby tossing the gauntlet, so to speak.My last journal was for the preservation of collectors as well as preserving a cherished collection. I have made up my mind as to one alternative.I have 1 of 2 sets which I can offer for sale to help a fellow collector through a tough time.I have a 2009 Territorial quarter set in NGC PF 70 UC. All 12 coins from either of my registered Renegade sets.I also have a complete PCGS 2002 PR69DCAM proof set(17 coins) also registered in the Registry. CURRENT STANDINGSRank: 34Score: 366 Points to next rank: 6 Leading by: 0NumisMedia Total(?): $491.25Date Score Achieved: 2/28/2009Views: 63This would be your second option. These are in my collection now!Some of you newer collectors are looking for sets. Some of the others are looking for upgrades. Guess what? There's a set price. $500.00 for either.Cash, check, money order, or PayPal. It's your choice.Here's the deal. You pay me, and I pass it through. No fees, no percentage, no nothing. I am donating to the cause!I may be able to put an MS 69 Eagle, 2008/07 error into the mix also. Same price....same deal.Here's the rules.......1.) First $500.00 gets choice. The sooner the better.2.) The funds are not mine. No BS. 3.) The price is NOT negotiable. This is NOT an auction.4.) I will need your address to mail your choice. I ship USPS Priority,insured, delivery confirmation, and tracking, within the US. Canada add $10.00, others $25.00.5.) The recipient will remain anonymous. I will pass on any messages to either party. Funds will be sent immediately upon receipt.OK, I know neither set commands this price. I am offering this to save another collector's set/s.I may be the first to ever do this for someone in this Society.May I not be the only one to step up.God bless the first to respond and fulfil this request.Dig deep.....it might be you ......next!Update as of 21:49 Eastern DST:A fourth option is the Abe Lincoln Commemoratives in MS and PF 70.These have the "brown" limited pedigree. They are not in my set at present. I can send imaging if requested. Update as of 22:08 EDST:I will donate all above items. First $2,000. takes them all!Thank you5518.jpg.04ed330d80d6a713bcbb297024491ed3.jpg



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