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Economic Depression?



That's exactly what it is!

Hello all!

It is on a somber note I address the Society.

The economy has struck the heart and sole of our collecting society.

Being a new(and little guy), I can do a lot of the newer coins in lesser grades. I can get results and complete sets quicker and cheaper than those seeking perfection.

I come now to a depressing situation.

A few collectors, more serious and committed to the hobby, than I, have fallen on hard times. These aren't people like me with one year's time invested. They have years, if not decades.

A devotion that most cannot comprehend.

Should the mistakes of others make them lose their possessions?

Should a collector, with years of putting something together, be a victim of the economy?

Should pride and joy be sacrificed for these hard times?

I say "NO"

One may be able to replace the coins, but not the memories.

Here is some food for thought.

1.) There is someone in this Society with the money to "help".

2.) There could be fund in place to help save member's collections.

3.) A "safe haven for storage of a collector's items until repayment made available to all.

4.) A person or persons to maintain records of these transactions.

All this is far fetched to me. It would be above any expectations. It would all have to hinge on the membership of the Society. With 15,000 plus members, we should be able to come up with something?

SOS takes on a new meaning?


I'll sell a set of something to help out!



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