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2009 Commemorative Braille Issues



And issues they are!

In stock and reserved?Hello everyone!I know you're chomping at the bit for the Mint to release the long awaited pair of 2009 L. Braille Commemoratives.Well, they are going to be a little late. How late will they be, you ask? Over a month past the scheduled release date(3-26) ....so far. They are now saying April 30th for the 2. They have been "in stock and reserved" for a month.What gives with this?I wonder who'll get the first of the run. Will I get my subscribed pair, or will the phone in orders take precedence?If they don't have enough 90% silver blanks.....then what?I wish they'd do a Paul Revere Commem. Maybe a UHR? With silver on the obverse, and copper on the reverse, the coin might come with a tiny handle to make a frying pan. Just a thought!!I guess we'll have to send in our early Eagles so they can make the new ones?......sheesh.Maybe they could strike 2009 over 1989 and make them all errors?I'm glad I'm not the production manager at the Mint.If there are no 2009 W Eagles....don't blame me. I can't even get my Brailles. Woe is me!I may start smoking and biting my nails.....C'mon Mint!!!5500.jpg.30b1bc88c65ddd6689866556a6beb216.jpg



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