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Today's another milestone! 400



An impossible dream?

Hi everyone!

I have been so busy with looking for a new place to live, I have neglected my latest purchases a bit.

My original goal was to make it to 500th ranking in the NGC Registry.

My other was to acquire the MS 69, 2008/07 Silver Eagle.

My third(and actual prority)was to add the 1995 W Silver proof to complete my original set(PF 69).

Thankfully I have accomplished my goal for the year!

As always, the competition gets tougher the higher you get. I recently received a Sacagawea set in NGC PF 70 Ultra Cameo.

YES, another! lol

I have it registered as a trial set for good reason. This will be the set I send to PCGS for crossover grading.

Notice I said trial?

That is not what I am writing about though.

Today, with the addition of the new Sacs, I have hit #400.

I have been so lucky. I never expected to be here, or have a collection of more than the few Silver Eagles I started with.

These are good days in light of all that is happening. I will also share a 1911-D RD Lincoln cent with you in a few days. I am hoping it to be crossed into an NGC slab soon. If it grades as a variety, I will be in collector's heaven.

I guess for every bad move we make, a good one is bound to come along. I just wish I could cut down on the bad.

Wish me luck.

Have a great day!!!



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