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Free security is hard to pay for.

Hello all....again!

My computer crashes,burns,gets stolen with my coins, decides to elope, or other, heres what makes NGC Registry so great.

I joined the Registry for one main reason. SAFETY!

With safety comes security. Where else can you register every graded coin you own (NGC/PCGS)?

They let me do it for free......yes free!

If everything was to be gone in the morning, I could go to the NGC Registry site, log in, and download every registered coin I owned. I can do this from anywhere in the world too! This is the remote site you have (well some have) taken for granted.

You can get a print out, hand it to the authorities, and within minutes, your coins go on the "hot sheet"

And it's FREE! The inventory system also calculates value. You can use the system to figure net worth. FREE!

So your coins take a few extra days in quality control. So you get huffy with the USPS. The minute NGC finishes your coins, you're covered.

Just when you think that all may be lost? Call Lisa or Amy.

They can fix almost anything. Oh....and it's still free!

So you got a PF68 instead of a 70? There's always SGS or another.

Try getting into their registry......lol

If it weren't for the security that membership in the Society provides, I'd have to buy a safe....and a pitbull.....and a shotgun.....the list goes on forever.

Thank you NGC for peace of mind.....and for FREE!



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