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2 simple ways to protect your coins.

Hi everyone!

This will probably upset most.

Bring a smile to some, and

Get a few to actually do something.

Method #1)

Put all your coins in Intercept Shield boxes. Most people don't know what they are. Even most collectors. Leave the boxes on a bookshelf in you den or living room. No one will even be curious enough to ask.

Method #2)

Put all your coins in a tube, pipe, or heavy safe. Put them into a small room as a den playroom etc.

Replace the woofer in all of your stereo speakers with Claymores.

Wire them to a PSD, or other exotic device, and attach it to your choice of storage. DO NOT!, I repeat, DO NOT! place the Claymores in with your coins.

The second part to this coin security system is to keep a fully loaded .50cal Desert Eagle under your pillow. If the Claymores go off, you can always invoke your Second Ammendment rights.

Believe me, you will be wide awake if intrusion is attempted.

It might also be a good idea to put a plaque on the door reading, "Expensive Coin Storage Area".

I don't know about others, but I know that Method #1 works for me.

I still don't lock my doors.....ever.

Sweet dreams everyone!

Oh, if you should visit me while I'm not at home.....don't mess with the green wire.




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