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So much for presale coins!



3 strikes.....you're out!

Hello all!

Am I upset with affluent coin dealers?

Yup, at least one has ired me to a boil.

When you have enough money to buy 200 silver Commemoratives at a time(Abe Lincoln in this case), you should be able to fulfill a presale promise. Right?

I guess I have to loan them my hard earned funds for 30 days or more. No interest, no coins, and no communication? After 35 days I get an email that the coins arrived from the Mint. Woohoo.

I am just a little guy sitting home with both the uncirculated and proof for a month.

I submitted coins to NGC after I received my Abes, as I figured I would have the first slabbed out of NGC......wrong again.

My coins are back and put away for 2 weeks. I just now get an email about his coins showing up.

I'm a month late and 2 dollars short.....get it?

A good thing I'm not talking about my girlfriend.

I paid a premium for service I never received. I could have sent my own to be graded and took a chance on getting 70s. But no, I trusted a "reputable" dealer to do it.

Never again!

I can buy the pair for one half of what I paid.

I'm a jerk for not asking for my money back? I did enter into an agreement. I know my word/money is good.

I'd love to be more knowledgeable, and have the monetary requirements to become a dealer with NGC.

Alas, too little of either too late in life.

From now on coin purchases will be with a dealer that can deliver goods....not promises.

Another valuable lesson learned. I guess to some, money is more important than coins.

Didn't Yogi say something like that?

Fool me once.....shame on you.

I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else in the Registry.

I'm off to the mailbox for some good news.....I hope.

Enjoy the moment!



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