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My response to BULLY........and others



Here's my 2 cents worth.

Hello all!

All these coins and not enough boxes!

Let's see......six new quarters for 2009. Do we really need any more? They get their own category. All 12. Then in 2010 we get more?

Oh yeah........the national parks.

Sacagawea.....you want some? Any vending machine in the Post Office will have them. Put in a $5 and you'll get them in change.

Oh, how they tarnish so quickly. The business strikes are so bad, you'll never make a set of MS 69s. Then NGC adds the 2009 "native american" dollar into the set. I guess it should be there, but do we need 5 new dollar coins every year?

My wallet will be empty when the proofs get here......I only need 14, but who's counting?

And now folks!!!!

The new....... revised, and grossly over rated, coin of the new millennium. The 2009 Lincoln cent.

I, for one, am not impressed. Oh, it's different. It's design is

OK. The coin itself is uncomplimenting to the Mint, and the President it represents. Were these minted here in the US? Only MS 66 coins in both NGC and PCGS so far? Not a great showing for all the hype.

Well, I stooped and bought one. Yup, an NGC MS 69, "First Day of Issue". They used 2 dies and a sledge hammer. If they wanted to save money....just eliminate pennies altogether.

Here's the topper.

Everyone with a new penny roll, a Lincoln postage stamp, and a friend in the Post Office has a roll of FDOI? Yeah right.

I hope the proofs come out better. At least they'll be real (93%)copper. Just think. We get four new designs in the proof set. Another wallet lightening idea.

The Abe Lincoln's Commemoratives I had.....are just that. They never left FL. So much for getting them out of the Mint on release day.

I have a few raw Abes left....I'll send my own in this time. The first MS and PF 70s Lincoln Commemoratives out of NGC are history. No more overnight shipping, and extra for expedited grading. I could have walked to FL.

I am so upset with that dealer, I may just melt my $1 Commemoratives, and toss them in the ocean. They can join the scrap metal from my Army days.

The positive side of all this is that I am actually looking forward to the new Sacs and cents. I have achieved my goal of 500. I have also set another....over 100,000 Registry points. Both were only a dream last year. Not too shabby for a guy that lives on $770 a month.

I really shouldn't let one bad element in the hobby tarnish my renewed interest in collecting.

Maybe Friday the 13th had something to do with it?

Have a great weekend everyone!




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