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2008 was a great year for me.

I have only been a paying member for a little over 2 months.

I have enjoyed every minute of it.

I have been asked why I do so many Sacagawea sets?

Why don't you do some other types of sets?

Now I can answer both questions definitively.

I never knew about the competition amongst members in the Registry. I do, however, love to compete. I also like to win.....sometimes.

I tried to accomplish my goal of having one of the best sets available anywhere. I have always believed my, 10 coin, PF 70, Sac set was just that. I kinda have "braggin rights".

My endeavor to acquire the best has been realized.

Yes.....a 2008, "Best In Category" has been awarded to my set.

It is through tearful eyes, I say.......Thank you! The joy of it is overwhelming. My goal is achieved

To those that questioned......there's your answer.

Oh! The Registry has also given my NGC PF 70 Presidential dollar

set a "Best In Category" for 2008 also. I guess I diversified with the right set. And so, the second question is answered. The second award for my effort.

In the words of a Vice Presidential candidate, "Am I proud? You betcha!"(wink)

A heartfelt thanks



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