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Don't destroy me, Paul.......but



You can only tie mine.....so far :)

I haven't been here long, but I brought the competetive mood I've always had. I wanted a good set of Sacagaweas, but I got the bug. Yes, I now have the best Sac set in the Registry....bar none! All 10 coins from NGC in PF 70 Ultra Cameo. It's unfortunate I had to make a "Signature" set to make room for them. I also have the most 10 coin sets registered also. I was very fortunate to amass these. I would welcome other collectors to share the top spot. It only takes 1 more coin. I will always be the first to have the complete(10 coin) Registry set!

Paul, I wish you luck breaking into double digit ranking this year. You're in "big bucks" country now!

My goal? Well.... I'll break under the 500 mark, and be tickled to death. I am refreshed that the competitive spirit is alive and doing well in the Registry. You all get my adrenaline running again! For this I thank you.



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