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A PERFECT 10 ???



Do I merit a higher score?

I wanted to have the best of something to pass on. I believe the 10 Sacagawea NGC PF 70 Ultra Cameo should be at the top.

I believe them to be better than just a set of 9.

Should a new score of 4681 be in line?

I am close to finishing at least 1 more Sac set in PF 70 UC(only 9)and perhaps another if I can find them.

Well, it's all over for this year, but I will strive to get at least 1 honor in the future. I would like to thank all those that helped me. I would like to thank Amy for pointing out my temporary periods of dislexia. It's a miracle I can type any numbers in the right sequence. Happy Holidays, and Good Luck, to all of you that strive to make the Registry what it is.

P.S. Santa, please bring me the gold 1995W Anniversary set in NGC PF/MS/RPF 69. I'm not greedy!



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