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3 cent proofs

donald e


3 cent coins. the most overlooked and under-valued coins out there waiting for collectors.

i am 1 coin away <a href="http://from com">from completing my set of 3 cent proof nickels.there are 26 coins to collect and 13 of them have mintages of less than 1000 coins!!!!!!!!! and i have purchased a 1869 proof 64 NGC graded coin with a mintage of 600 for only $339. also,a 1874 proof 63 NGC graded coin for $342 with a mintage of 700+.how about a 1875 proof 64 NGC for $450 with a mintage of 700+. wake up collectors and check out these coins. <a href="http://you ca">you can buy them all day at similar prices. the 1895 <a href="http://morg">morgan silver dollar had a mintage of 800 and is big money to buy. 8 of the 13 coins have mintages less than 800. i am buying all <a href="http://i ca">i can get.check out my collection on the NGC registry.




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