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Numismatist Education



Why pay hight prices and/or gamble in auction houses when you are a member of the NGC Collectors Society or PCGS. Educate yourself through the ANA and you will be able to know what the grade of coin is before you send it in. You will never see another body bag again.

David Lawarnce Auction Houses or any of these other similar auction houses, Teletrade, Stacks and ECT, are straight out gambling. You were just lucky that you were not out bided. I do not understand finding modern minted U.S. Mint coins that will not obtain MS-65 or most likely higher grades taken from the unopened package.

Invest in your education; I would suggest the ANA courses on grading coins. If you want to look at a coin and know what its grade is, the ANA training will accomplish this without fail. Invest in your knowledge not in your luck in auction houses. This is true never fail way too obtaining the grade of coin that you want weather it has been slabbed yet or not. Thank our Lord for the ANA and their excellent training. You will never be more than a collector until you invest in educating yourself and then becoming a Numismatist.

Jason R. von Dinger dem Baden



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