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Upgrading, downgrading, equal cross grading



Lesson learned

A lesson to be learned about crossover grading. There is a section on the submission form that I always write in if I am sending a crossover. Something to the affect of "Grade and encapsulate coins regardless of grade or appearance."

This bit me once on one coin that I sent in was a PCI PF-67 Cameo. I purchased the coin as a PF-66 (not cameo) but I forgot to say on my submission to disregard the cameo designation. The coin came back with a note that said, "Not cameo". I never have received a call or email or anything like that. I commplained to myself but it was not too much of a bite since it was one of my 5 free submissions.

My advice to Paul--take your lumps like a man and FYI, I am not retired and am age < 40.



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