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Possible New VAM- 1921 P Morgan Silver Dollar

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 I have a very interesting mark on one of my Morgans that is not recorded as a known VAM.  I have the picture of the reverse of my 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Philadelphia mint.  In the top right set of leaves on the wreath sticking inward is what looks like 2 faint but definitely raised leaves.  The second picture is a 10x magnification of the site which makes it harder to see the leaf.  If anyone knows of a recorded VAM similar to what I am describing please comment below. Thanks!


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14 hours ago, Blulincoln said:

Looks like a die clash similar to other common dates. 

4626758-007o.jpg.a86ca119d10e531216c55de6e791d91b.jpgI agree.  The easiest way to understand what you're seeing is to "flip" an image of the other side of the coin and compare.  I circled the obverse design element I think was imprinted into the reverse die.  This might have already been cataloged as VAM-3B2.  You can check out all of the currently cataloged 1921 P Clashed Die Varieties at VAMWorld.com.

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Thanks alot for figuring that out.  The picture on VAMworld has the exact same attributes as my coin. I finally understand exactly what people mean by 'clashed.'

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