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Looking Back on my 70 years of coin collecting



Looking back on my 70 years of collecting

Chater 1 - The End

My third try at posting this journal.

Today I did something I hoped I would never have to do. I deleted my now much smaller ancient custom set. Due to finances I had to sell off a large portion of my ancient collection. Since I will no long have the financial means to meaningfully grow this collection I took the reasonable step of deleting that collection. I did however move my ancient coins into a much smaller custom set I have titled “Oldies but Goodies and other Pieces.” I was quite pleased when my Custom ancient set became the first ancient set that made it into the list of 50 most viewed custom sets.

I do have a never say die approach to collecting in that the day I shipped off my ancients for auction I purchased three more ancients. Since then I have purchased what maybe my last ancient for some time to come. I believe it to be a beautiful specimen of a Roman Provincial Coin (RPC) by Macrinus, the coin is from Moesia, Nicopolis. It is an AE26. The coin grades Ch XF with “condition scores” of Strike = 4/5 & Surface = 4/5 (see photo). It is my belief that specimens of bronze RPC that grade XF and better are not that common. In fact I just input “Macrinus, Moesia, Nicopolis, AE26” into the NGC’s Ancient Coins Archives search engine and 40+ pages of results came up, I check Page 1 & Page 40 (50 coins total) and not a single bronze RPC graded better than Good VF (Ch VF).

So for all practical purposes I have a coin collection but I have stopped collecting coins (i.e., growing my collection). Now what I am I going to do? I have decided to start a journal that discusses what I have observed and learned regarding coin collecting over my 70 years of collecting. If you have any topic you would like my thoughts on just let me know. As it stands right now I have eleven topics I wish to write journals on.

Take care

(Ram in VT)

ARP - Marcrinus-A4.jpg

ARP - Marcrinus-A5.jpg



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Ram in VT


I am sorry to see your outstanding collection no longer listed here.  I wanted to communicate my thanks and appreciation for all the effort you have out into your ancient collections.


Your Custom NGC ancients collection was a great inspiration to start and grow my own.  Countless times I have perused your collection and read over your very astute comments.   I see you as a pioneer in this regard, so, I wanted to give you a personal thanks for sharing your set for the time that you did, and I wish you well in any future endeavors, including those other journal topics!


I love your last posted coin, and I am totally with you in that those provincial bronze in high condition are exceedingly rare.  While there is certainly the urge to focus collecting "higher grade" ancient, for example  AU or MS denarii, I am often actually much more satisfied in obtaining and seeing an ancient bronze achieve a "lower grade" like an XF.  Given the reactivity of copper alloy vs. silver or gold, the achievement is even more special oftentimes.



P.S.  I have to ask - since yous said you sold a portion, do you have any remaining ancients you might still be willing to sell?  I would be extremely interested, as I am sure other here would be as well!

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Hello Kohaku

Thank you for your very kind comments

As for my future Journals I plan on no more than one a week. That will give time to plan on how to address the upcoming topic.

As for selling any of what I have left of my collection, that will be addressed in one of my Journals. But what ever happens it will not be soon.


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I think it's a natural progression to build a collection, have a collection and pass on a collection.  I'm in the "have a collection" stage now and foresee my, not too distance, retirement years as those when I will pass on my collection.  My "coin time" is now focused on learning more about the coins I have collected and less about planning for the next acquisition.  I admit, the thrill of the hunt was quite a rush and was rather addicting, however, I have stuck with my boundaries and successfully avoided collecting "everything".  Ram, I hope you find your current stage to be as enjoyable as your earlier ones


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