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FIFA World Cup - Did you know?

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The last time the U.S. hosted the @FIFAWorldCup, it was celebrated with modern commemorative coins, including this 1994-W World Cup $5 Proof. Explore this coin in NGC Coin Explorer:


1994 W WORLD CUP $5 PF obverse  1994 W WORLD CUP $5 PF reverse

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I bought as F.I.F.A coin I don't have my coins here but this was when it was held in Brazil. They made ten thousand and like here when we had our first curved coin there's were sent to France to be made. Nothing but luck in getting one it's absolutely beautiful. From the holder to the coin. It's a proof done so well you can see across the street with it. One of the nicest pieces they made. Theb1994 cup coins are also nice. I don't know who decided this but very smartly done. Thanks for sharing yours. I will try to get a picture up but the proof is so good you can see the camera. Thanks for sharing this xoin. Mike

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