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Scheduled for grading with a twist!

Jade Collection


Today my invoice says "Scheduled for grading", I click on the invoice number and it has a format of the coins I sent. Look below, here is the problem, spotted an error on Line 11. They call it a 2A, should be a 4A. Thats like calling a morgan silver dollar  a walking liberty half. Big difference in size and value! Called up NGC customer service and spoke to Kevin who was helpful and gave me his email and told me to write what the invoice # is  and the problem and he would let the grading side know. Just sent it now, hope it gets corrected! I'm even more pumped and like a kid waiting for a toy store to open up now that its scheduled for grading.........


Screenshot-2018-5-3 Collectors Society - The Registry - Show Order Details.png



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Yes, it's very important to catch those errors otherwise that's what will show up on your slab.  I once let one go through on purpose to see if it would be caught in quality control.  Nope.  You are the quality control when it comes to spotting mistakes on the NGC form.  I will say that any errors that I reported were quickly fixed.

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@jgenn thanks for your input.....I was thinking to let it pass but decided I wanted the right denomination on the slab and didn't want the hassle of later returning something to have it corrected.!

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@namvette68 thanks for your input! I just looked and it got corrected! Whew! Now just want them to give me straight grades and send them back so I can add them all to my custom registry!

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Well this must be some sort of submission record. From hand delivery at the CSNS show on April 26 to delivery back to me today is exactly 16 days! Of course the tiers are modern US and modern world. I have another early bird submission of medals that I mailed on 4/19 that are still in received status as of today. To be fair, they arrived at NGC on April 30 coincidently the same day NGC got them back to Florida from the show.

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@gherrmann44 Care to share with others what was in the submission you got back? I'm still waiting.........still pumped at the possibility of grades higher than I think they would get! haha

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A couple of PFUC 70's, a PF 68, and a couple of PF 67's. All in all I got a 70 for my single $5 pink gold Breast Cancer Awareness US modern and a 70 for a silver 2012 Canadian $10 Praying Mantis. The other three are 2016 French coins that I bought directly from the Paris Mint. The finish on these coins is a little weird and I am not at all surprised by the grades I got for them. There was easily not a single 70 in the French lot and I was hoping for 69's. It's OK though because they fit into one of my custom sets and I don't NEED a certain grade. I just wanted to display them in my sets.

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After a long wait, coins are (after a month now) in quality control, that means being slabbed and checked one more time before shipping/imaging and putting the grades into the system. So that means by next week I could get my coins...........welll drum rolll...........got a email that one of the coins needs conservation BUT they did note a grade for that coin........MS 62 for the 1897 10 satang!! Now here comes the hard part.....conservation is another 20 business day......so another month of waiting! ARGH!

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Today marks the 2-month anniversary that I sent three medals in for grading to still have their status as "scheduled for grading". Enough said.

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@gherrmann44 Did you call NGC? They have great customer service, I had called them to ask about my order and they gave a quick answer.

Also drum roll please.........they shipped out my coins AND I already took a sneak peak at what I got.........new journal entry coming!!

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