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First submission! Excited and can't wait!

Jade Collection


First submission despite having been collecting coins/been around coins for such a long time and being a member here and across the street for over a decade!

I first started collecting US coins but now consider myself a darksider (collecting world coins, specifically thailand). I have a custom set on the registry as it includes both pcgs and ngc coins. A majority of older thai coins are raw and many are in poor condition/damaged. Its been a challenge getting slabbed coins as their aren't too many, but its been fun looking and acquiring slabbed coins for my collection. I have also been getting raw coins with the intention of submitting them..........well I pulled the trigger and signed up as a member and then filled out the forms and sent in 19 coins that I hope will grade and be added to my custom registry!! Waiting is the hard part now!!



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It's great that you have stepped out of the shadows and started posting here!  Best of luck with your submission.

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