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Breast Cancer Awareness

Entry posted by NASF Firefighter · - 448 views

Hello Everybody,

I just received the Breast Cancer Awareness Commemoratives a few days ago and I thought I would share. The Mint did a nice job choosing the designs for this coin...which they don't seem to get right sometimes. The WWI comm is a good example. NGC did a good job with the label and the pink holder is a great touch when looking at the coin in hand. I just hope enough coins are sold so some money gets back to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Take Care Everybody


breat ms ob - Copy.jpg

breast ms rev - Copy.jpg

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My wife's mom died of breast cancer when my wife was just 7 years old and today some 50 years later my wife gets regular check-ups. Thus, these coins have a special significance to us resulting in my purchasing the proof half-eagle directly from the mint. Like Jeffrey and Rick, I'm all for the proceeds going to breast cancer research. Attached is a picture of my coin.




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