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New Owner's Comments, Roman Empire, Page 10 "Crisis IV", Julius Marinus



I just posted another Owner's Comments for a coin in my NGC Ancients Custom Set "The Roman Empire".

This time, the comments are regarding an ancient bronze featuring Julius Marinus, father of Augustus Philip, a.k.a. Philip the Arab.  Philip struck the coin to commemorate his father and advertse his father's apotheois, or transformation into a god. 

This coin is very rare, and comes in two reverse types.  This coin features seated (rather than standing) Roma, and she holds two figures.  This is the rarer variant.

One detail I was curious about was researching the two figures on the coin's reverse.  Who do they represent?  Of course, we can't know for certain, but one can speculate.  The list of candidates includes Julius Marinus, Philip's mother, Philip's brother, and Philip II (Philip's son).

Another interesting detail about the coin is that it includes the inscription of the town of Philippopolis, even though it may have been struck at Antioch.

We know very little about Julius Marinus, and he might have been entirely lost to history except for posthumous coins struck by his son.












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