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The Beginning



Today I am 63. My journey with coincollecting began in 1961, I was 6 1/2 (the half was very important!); I was living in San Diego, just having moved from Key West Florida.  I had discovered a box of pennies that my parents kept for when they played Pinochle. As I looked through the box I saw pennies from the 20’s and 30’s. As I looked at the pennies more I noticed most of them didn’t have anything below the date, but some had D’s And S’s. I asked my mom what they meant, she wasn’t certain.

A few weeks later I was in Woolworths and there was a section that sold coins. I had one of the pennies with an D under the date.  I showed it to the man behind the counter and asked what the D was. He began to tell me all about the various mints, and how to identify them by the various letters.  The penny I was holding was a 1912 D, the D represented Denver. I was so amazed that just looking at the coin, someone could tell me where the penny was made.   Next the man showed me a blue Whitman folder, inside there were numerous holes with dates and mint marks for each hole. He showed me exactly where the penny I had would be placed.  I was hooked!  I ran home and immediately asked my mom for 48 cents to buy the Blue Whitman folder; she gave me the typical mom response “We’ll see”.  I would not let it go. Finally, after weeks of pleading she finally relented and took me to Woolworth’s to buy my blue Whitman’s 1909 -1940 penny album.

The car was barely parked before I bolted out and was heading for the penny box. As I picked out each coin, I looked at the date and associated mint mark looking for the empty hole that would soon be filled. Within an hour, I had gone through the entire box and only filled about 20 of the empty holes.  There were plenty of 30’s and 40’s, a few 20’s, but the coins in the Teens and earlier were mostly missing. Next, I asked my parents to empty their pockets of change - nothing!  I was on a quest - at 6 1/2, I had a quest. Nothing was going to stop me from filling that album.

Whenever anyone new entered our house, I pounce on them asking to look through their change. Occasionally, I’d get lucky and fill a hole, but for the most part, filling the album was becoming very daunting. On one of my trips to Woolworth’s I noticed another Whitman penny album, 1941 -. Returning back home I revisited the penny stash; to my amazement a lot of the pennies in the stash were contained in that album.  The pleading again began with my mom; this time conditions came with the purchase. Three weeks later after numerous chores and added responsibilities, I was the proud owner of my second Whitman Lincoln folder.

Again, I attacked the penny stash, this time though, I was much more successful! There were plenty of 40’s and 50’s coins, so much so that I was able to fill most of the album. The only glaring hole I had was the 1943’s.  Those coins from 1943 eluded me; not a single one showed up anywhere I looked.

Next Week: My first Red Book



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Today I turned 71 and I started with my uncle giving me ten pennies, one was a 1909 vdb. I also started building a date set and was doing pretty good until I got a Whitman folder and then noticed the D & S slots.  I have been hooked ever since. Love the hobby!

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I grew up sorting coins with my grand father. We were filling those Whitman folders of course. He absolutely refused to purchase any coins. Sometimes I wish I still collected like that...oh well.

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1 am 72.  In 1952 I was fortunate to view the coronation of QE 2.  At that time my parents gave me the money to purchase a 9 coin coronation commem

Mint set.  I still own that set in it's original pkg.  I look at that BU Mint set and consider my collection from over the many years.  My only regret is that I never seemed to have enough money to spend on coins. 


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I am 68 and my journey started in 1959.  I was playing at the fire escape at school (it was a big tube that went up to the 2nd and 3rd floor that if there was a fire you could slide down the tube!  What fun!).  I found two pennies and both had Lincoln on the front but each one had different reverses.  This intrigued me and got me started collecting.  Funny how most of us started with the Lincoln Cents.  My mom bought me one of the blue folders to keep my pennies in and the only one I didn't have was the 1909 S-VDB.  Still to this day I do not have that coin!!  One of these days I'm going to bust out the money to buy one!!  My most valuable Lincoln Cent was a 1941 PF67 RD Lincoln cent, NGC graded, CAC certified.  I finally sold it.....wish I hadn't!!!  Happy Collecting to all of you.  It's still a great hobby!!!


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