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RMW Collection of England and Great Britain

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Here are a 1753 and 1772 halfpenny, both in NGC 65.

Bid on before my diagnosis. Dies on the 1753 were rusty but its still an attractive piece.

1753 halfpenny obverse.jpg

1753 halfpenny reverse.jpg

1772 halfpenny obverse.jpg

1772 halfpenny reverse.jpg

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What beautiful coins!!  I think I can see the evidence of the rusty dies you mentioned, but that George II halfpenny is still a stunner.  Thank you for sharing these gems with us!

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There will be tiny raised dots or similar shapes on the coin surface corresponding to where tiny pieces of metal have rusted away from the die striking the coin. This was common with early copper pieces probably due to the expense of using more and fresher dies for low denomination coins.

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