The Roman Empire

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NGC Registry Awards



I wanted to send out a particular congratulations to rmw, jackson64, and gherrmann44 for distinction on their excellent Collectors' Journals!


Regarding this Journal Entry, I am pleased to see my own Roman Empire collection receive a second-time Best Ancients Set (my previous accolade was in 2014, so this ends a bit of a "dry spell" for me!).  I wonder about what it would take to be acknowledged as Most Informative or Most Creative NGC Custom Set, and I always find myself amazed when I check out the winning sets in those categories (this year, it was Mohak's Avians and Siah's Colorado-based Collections).


Again, congrats to all winners, and also thanks to everyone for participating.  Having such an eclectic and interesting community is one many aspects that makes this hobby entertaining!



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Thank you for the compliment. As for what constitutes the other custom awards, who knows? This much I do know, you are only the second person I am aware of who has won two custom awards for the same set. The first was for a set called "Horses" by "The BRG Collection" with a creative set first and a most informative set second. When I read the judges comments for your set I was not surprised to read about the time you have invested because perusing your set, I had thought the same. Congratulations on the finest ancient set and certainly most informative set even if it is not officially recognized as such. High school and college students can write essays based on all the information you have collected into one place, a veritable numismatic encyclopedia!

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Thanks gherrmann44, I really appreciate your comments.


I am not a teacher, but I was thinking it would be an interesting strategy for a class on ancient Roman or Greek culture to pass out ancient coins to the students and have them present an essay on their coin to their fellow students, say, as like an oral exam. The teacher could not only give a grade, but maybe even give accolades to best, most creative, inventive, etc., or even better, have the students vote.




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