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RMW Collection of England and Great Britain-Victoria Penny Types

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Here is a selection of Victorian Penny types from my collection.

First up is an 1844 Head Copper Penny S 3948,, Ms 65 Red, reputed to be the last red gem penny in the former Baldwins vault.

Next is an 1863 Bronze Head Proof Penny. S 3954, PR 65 RB

Then an 1876 H Heaton Mint Penny, S 3955, MS 65 Red

An 1899 Veiled Head Penny, S 3961, MS 65 Red, Comes next

S 3961A is an 1895 Low Tide Penny High Tide Penny, Ms 65 RB

Lastly, S 3961B is an 1897 High Tide Penny, ungraded as yet but is most likely either a 63 or 64 RB.


1844 penny, obverse.JPG

1844 penny, reverse.JPG

1863 Proof Penny.jpg

1876H penny, obverse.jpg

1876H penny, reverse.jpg

1899 penny, obverse.jpg

1899 penny, reverse.jpg

1895 low tide penny, obverse.jpg

1895 low tide penny, reverse.jpg

1897 High Tide Penny, Obverse.JPG

1897 High Tide Penny, Reverse.JPG

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