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Here is an example of the very rare 1897 High Tide Penny variety, which I picked up last week.

I bought it slabbed in England as roughly the equivalent of an Ms 63. It might make 64 , especially given the obverse. This is the first piece of this variety I have seen in good condition.

So , only one piece to go to finish off a complete type set of Victoria copper and bronze. Only the Heaton Mint halfpenny to go. I saw one in basic Unc today. Looking for a gem.

I will see if my bud Welsh Dragon would agree on my grading assessment, since he won my contest a while back.

1897 High Tide Penny, Obverse.JPG

1897 High Tide Penny, Reverse.JPG

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Attaboy WD!I think I have a shot at that but personally think it's either a 63 or 64 RB,  I think the obverse is a strong 64 if not a 65 but the reverse does have some contact in the open fields on the right hand side. They are there but aren't gouges or anything like that. So it's gonna be close.

For Unc Coins it seems that surface quality is the most important to the graders , presumably as that is easier to quantify than quality of lustre and strike , which requires more specialized knowledge of the type.This aspect is more of an issue with World Coins than US Coins because of the sheer variety of types out there. We talked about British  Maundy issues as an example of that, where all issues from sometime in Victorian period were all produced to a PL Standard , yet you will see some graded as PL and others not.

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Thanks Chris B. Yeah I think its doable but should be close. Obverse is a no doubter. The reverse??

And there is no doubt this is the high tide variety.

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