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I am less confused each passing day

Daniel McMunn


I purchased and received a 1971s Lincoln cent NGC ms66. It would not fit into the NGC box that I keep my certified set in. I fumbled the holder and it popped  open. It had gone through NGC Quality control without being sealed. I sent it to be sealed. I tracked it to Sarasota and it was picked up at the P.O.. I waited for them to seal it and send it back. I lost the receipt from the P.O. and NGC had no record of receiving it. NGC acted like they didn't care and It was no big deal. How can you run a company and no one even fakes caring? The coin only cost $20 and at this rate they must have many coins in Lost & Found. They must have cut back on employees to save money. I  just shut my eyes and bought another 1971s Lincoln cent to fill a hole in my set. They could even have put a coupon for 5 or 10 free grades. I am not going to press it and since they are so short handed,  this complaint will go unnoticed. 



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 Are you sure NGC even got the package you sent?  I have sent in over 1000 coins to NGC over the years and never lost a single coin. I track my packages (insured) to NGC and then track them back to my home. 

 NGC has excellent service as far as I am concerned. :) 


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One thing that I'll agree with, is they have never lost a single coin.  In 2009, I had one come back with peanut butter on it, a few with finger prints, and a few with hair inside the holder.  By and large, they solved those problems a long time ago.

pic unrelated.  What a beautiful coin.


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