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Madison County (AL) Coin Club is BACK!

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Has Your Coin Club Resumed Normal Meetings?  

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On Tuesday evening, June 22, 2021, the Madison County Coin Club of Huntsville, Alabama rose Phoenix-like from the ashes of COVID shutdowns. For now, it has a new home, and for the retro-members, a “newish” meeting night. “Funny, you don’t LOOK newish.” The meeting place had been firmly established only 7 days prior. The club now meets in the same building as the Huntsville Gem & Mineral Society, on the site of the former Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom Middle School at 7901 Bailey Cove Road SE in Huntsville. Fear not, Grissom fans; he has a new school named for him. 

Huntsville is the fastest growing town in the Gulf south, and will soon surpass both Mobile and Montgomery in population. Even Birmingham’s #1 in Alabama position is not safe. 

Any time a club resumes operation, there is trepidation. Did folks get the email? Was the website updated correctly? Have people lost interest? The answers are a resounding yes, yes, and no. The room was full. I grabbed a chair along a wall. It was my first meeting. I only moved to northern Alabama this past December. The club graciously accepted my application. 

The club’s meeting pattern is a) business meeting, b) show and tell, c) informational program, and d) member auction. Only the last segment was missing for this initial meeting. It may take a little longer to get auction material in the pipeline. Next month, the club will hear a presentation from its founder, who has since moved to Georgia.

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First order of business: find out what happened to all those roadside stands you're partial to -- and I distinctly remember from the late 1960's.

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This is very exciting! As I inch closer to finishing my degree, it appears all the more likely that I will once again find myself in the Huntsville or Madison area. Should this occur, I would very much like to join the ranks. 

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They seem to already want me to be the club’s ANA club representative. I get to all ANA shows and their previous Rep died last month.

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17 hours ago, VKurtB said:

I get to all ANA shows

Postage paid?  They could not have chosen anyone better.  Congratulations and may you have many fun and interesting meetings.   :applause:

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8 minutes ago, Alex in PA. said:

Postage paid?  They could not have chosen anyone better.  Congratulations and may you have many fun and interesting meetings.   :applause:

I always pay my own transportation costs - air, train, or road. I pay my own hotel for the Spring show, and the ANA picks up my room cost for the August show. I may be able to do the odd show by train from here. From Harrisburg, I was often a train traveler. 

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