I will get no end of grief over that joke…



A few entries ago I jokingly referred to my 10G set as my “golden babies.” I thought was being silly and a little tongue-in-cheek, but my wife has given me no end of ribbing about this, so I think I’m going to be continuing to catch grief about that for a while every time those coins come up in conversation.

I think this cements the Zimbabwe set as my “pride and joy” and the 10G set as my “golden babies” whenever my wife feels the need to tease me.

They do look good in the new holders though, almost like they are a set of things that belong with each other.


I can't find an old shot I thought I had of the 8 NGC coins / 9 coins together and alone but the shot below (vs the above) helps show how much more cohesive this makes the group look.

The large number of old fatty holders in the set gave the set some consistency in presentation, but, after 25+ years some of those holders were just scratched to hell and some of the holograms on the back were just ... gone. it's a much prettier set now.

It may have just not been necessary to reholder the 1888 at all since it was already in a new-gen holder with a new-gen label, but now it is scratch resistant!





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