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I finally have a number one Lincoln cent set!!

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Lol, So some context to this great feat of mine.   I recently asked for the registry team to include a new Lincoln set that does not require the varieties to be included in it.   Nothing against those who like collecting the varieties but its just not my thing.  To my surprise today I noticed that NGC created the set that I had asked for! ^^   So I jumped in and created the very first set and am sitting in the number one spot; I have no doubt that as soon as the big guns spot the new set they will leapfrog over me and I'll end up in the 6 or 7 spot as I am in most of the Lincoln sets.   But I can say that for once I have the top Lincoln set in one category no matter how short lived that claim ends up being.   I think I should be drinking a brandy in a sniffer glass with a big stogie, tomorrow its back to beer.  lol

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You never know! There's someone on the PMG side that beats me in Zimbabwe notes now but I still have some #1 sets because they don't compete / list in every category. Of course, PMG doesn't do certs or ribbons, so there is that major difference.


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So I jumped in and created the very first set and am sitting in the number one spot

Oh boy....... the gauntlet has been thrown!!!!!! Just wait..... OH..... Just wait... until I submit my Lincoln Set Coinbuf!!!! (If only I had one.....:nyah:). COMPLETE CONGRATS on your accomplishment Coinbuf!!  I know you are a devout and long time Lincoln Collector and I am sure it will take some serious doing to "unseat" you.  Great Job!!(thumbsu

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Congratulations on a #1 set!  And congratulations on getting NGC to create a basic set that does NOT include unintended varieties.  It has irritated me for a long time that a “basic” Morgan dollar set includes such unintended errors as the 1882-O/S, 1887/6, 1887/6-O and 1900-O/CC.  Basic sets should include only those coins that were intentionally released as designed from the Mint.  

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Thanks for the thoughts and comments everyone, no matter where I eventually end up I'm having fun with the registry and that is the end goal.  (thumbsu

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13 hours ago, ColonialCoinsUK said:

Congratulations - I have several #1 sets but for most of them mine is the only set!:roflmao:Quite easy to do in the 'World coins' - move to the dark side the possibilties are endless xD

It seems to very much depend on the coin / set / category. If you go with something fairly popular like the French Roosters, the "Angels," British Soveriegns or anything decently popular or know then you're likely to have at least 1 or 3 strong competitors.

It didn't used to be this way but there's 20 ranked sets in the Willem III 10G category! 20! Back in the day (13 years ago?) I think I was one of 3 or 4 sets.

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4 hours ago, dleonard-3 said:

Even though this set doesn't include varieties, you still have to compete with the scores of those varieties if they are used in the set.

Quite true however those varieties are not required and that was the goal with my request.

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Mine might be currently ranked as #2, but it is the most complete with all NGC coins at 58% so far.  :-)  Little things matter.

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