I love him, but he just kind of breaks… everything.

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Ben came into my office the other day and found the 1986 Silver Eagle I have that’s in the original mint packaging. He’s always coming into my office wanting to take things from there or from my desk. Apparently, I just have all the best… everything! And he just wants to play with and take all of it.

So, he decides that he needs to take it downstairs and show it to momma. Of course, he trips on the tile in the kitchen and drops it and breaks a chip off the mint capsule for the coin… Great!

And, of course, he’s always taking my old miniatures - “the robot toys” - and I’ve lost count of how many of those have lost arms, been snapped at the waist or just smashed into oblivion.

Maybe I shouldn’t complain too much - he breaks plenty of his stuff too. And his brother’s toys. And a few of my wife’s things… and sometimes I can put thing things back together and there’s always super glue for some things.

I ordered a batch of 5 or 6 empty mint capsules off eBay for about $10 after shipping and taxes. I was hoping I could just take off the broken lid / top to the mint capsule and pop on a new one but the body of the capsule has cracks running along the sides too. So, I’ll have to replace the whole capsule. That thing’s card is punched.


I am so grateful for the fact that, as he and I recently showed / demonstrated, the slabs for the graded coins don’t break as easy as those mint capsules apparently do.

It’s going to be hard some days balancing sharing what I enjoy with him and having him not… wreck my stuff.

It just seems like it’s a little bit worse with us being home. All. The. Time.

Today was day 25.

Yup... You're all getting treated to more of my ranting and rambling because of Covid-19. I hope you enjoy!

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Child proof your home...…...at least until he's old enough to appreciate and care for your things.  It's tough being a dad.

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Good luck with that, raised 4 boys 2 girls, aren't any 'proof' ones. LOL. Would lose a skill saw, but yet gain a drill, darndest thing, and all "know nothing". Some man somewhere looking for his drill and says, "lookie here, a skill saw, wow, now where is that drill"? Raised with respect, know things go back in their place, structure, orderliness, but continuously missing. ("I dunno") Child proofing now for 3rd set of gr children to stay for several months, same rules, and I know what to expect, but have I got some things to tell about their DAD. Have a wonderful life dleonard-3, enjoy, lucky man..(put your coins in a safe when they're  teens, just a child proof heads up for the future) <0> You've got to appreciate that! LOL. and Rev, ,some day when you and your wife are enjoying your well deserved quiet time, son and sibs have grown up and left home, your sitting there with a glass of fine 1999  Rothschilde in one hand, an M68 coin in the other, aaahhh yes, nice, and then silence, looking around the room, ghostlike silence, too much silence, all of a sudden flashbacks, and you suddenly wish you could hear your kids again, stumbling down the hallway headed for your office, the sound of that same ol picture falling off the wall, knocked off so many times by all the kids the poor screw just hangs down at a 45 angle, hopefully holds the picture up because its hiding a big ol hole in the wall that a friend of theirs did while staying the nite (sure he did, right) knocking off collectibles onto the glass table, a horrible sound, blaming each other for the accidental collectible thingy oops, you know, the one that you found out later had already been glued up twice before over the yrs (I dunno),, still tripping over throw rugs in a race to your door, because the first one there can get your attn. the loudest and the most so they automatically think they have more 'pull' and clout in this fantastical unified premeditated lie that they're about to tell you, the best version the preteen think tank came up with, oh yes, you'll miss it all, so REV, enjoy this family stuff right NOW, it's the best, good stuff!  My oldest son was a Ben as well, wish I had a buck every time I spoke, "Ben Stein! what did you do with that superglue I just bought? Never mind, I know, I know , (I dunno), I'll ask your brother.-- .Enjoy Rev, enjoy!. Day 26 will be the best yet.

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Revenant, I'm new at this N hobby, having fun learning and exploring the last several months since retiring. So much to learn.. My latest lesson learned, and it's a huge one, never ever respond with any comments on a chat board no matter how strong the urge, late at night while drinking wine, because one simple sentence might evolve into a long winded affair, might not know what talking about anyway, might be butting in with nonsensical gibberish and kind of overriding the original post, and in this case, that is exactly what happened. My apologies, no disrespect intended. I tried to edit and delete but to no avail. I'm sure you've already recognized it for what it is, seen it before, and brushed it off. No need for a return response. One bottle of wine lasts all year, half a bottle twice year.. I'm good. I enjoy your journals, funny, good stuff. .

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9 hours ago, CoinUtopia said:

Nice coin, but hopefully you can replace the capsule without issue. Thanks for the story and be careful !

The replacement capsules arrived on Monday and I swapped it out without a problem with a little help from a soft cloth. I'm just going to have to be more careful, but at least I have some extra spare capsules now!

8 hours ago, ronnie stein said:

Revenant,... My apologies, no disrespect intended. I tried to edit and delete but to no avail. I'm sure you've already recognized it for what it is, seen it before, and brushed it off. No need for a return response. One bottle of wine lasts all year, half a bottle twice year.. I'm good. I enjoy your journals, funny, good stuff. .

The apology is appreciated but I really wouldn't worry about it! You're right that I just kind of shrugged and moved on but me not responding shouldn't be taken to mean I take offense. While I respond to comments a lot I don't always respond - only if I have something I think is worth saying. You are far from the worst "offender" when it comes to long responses that don't always mesh well with the original point - and some don't need wine! It's something you accept when you post things online in places that allow people to post and comment back - and you really can't be too easily offended if you're going to go and post rants - as I sometimes do.

I'm sure the stress of these times are also going to get to all of us in one why or another and I think we all owe each other a little more patience and understanding than we offer during normal times whenever we can muster it.

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