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3/21/20: well, this isn't cool.

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ah, the Caronavirus. it's cancelled my club. how great. :( 


But, i just bought something! its an lot of bills, including (possibly) an 1862 $1 bill. also with an lot of older German, Austrian, Iraqi, danish, french,  and Canadian notes. is it an good deal? yes. is it kinda scummy? maybe. is it an scam? well im going to find out.


here's the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-10-World-Money-Iraq-Canada-U-S-Germany-Austria-Denmark-France/392734913513?hash=item5b70d333e9:g:PHkAAOSwJe9ednCs

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Covid 19 cancelled a presentation I had scheduled with about 40 home school kids (at their monthly gathering) and will probably also force the cancellation of two coin club presentations in April.  On the horizon is the PAN show with our KidZone, probably teetering on the edge of cancellation and even further down the line, ANA WFM that had planned on coming to my town in August.  I am a very disappointed camper. 

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I have all the faith in you . I know the kids understand.i bet they keep your spirits up because they look up to you. You have done a terrificjob with them. Years from now they will talk about you. As you and them get older. So these are just set backs.Thats all they are. The events will go on. And all will be as it was before the virus. In collecting we have to change schedules. Others will have to reinvent there whole lives. We will survive the kidsnwill pick right up. Good luck my friend.

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