The Anniversary Purchase



My wife was having a hard time deciding what to get me for our anniversary (1/15) so I suggested we could go back to that coin shop she was in about a month ago, look around together and see if we saw anything.

As I told her when we were driving there, I wasn’t necessarily committed to getting anything. It would just depend on if anything stuck out at me that was reasonably close to the appropriate price range we set for the occasion but I was going to be looking for something different that would stand out a little in my collection..

Ben was in daycare; Sam was along for the ride – but Sam is a lot easier to contain and manage than Ben. We have this chest-harness kind of thing that lets Shandy essentially wear the baby on her chest or her back so she carried him around like that while I looked at coins. She looked at some of the Jewelry they have there and I think sometimes she watched me.

I spent a while looking around at some things just to see if anything popped out at me and a few things kind of did. There was a 1936 S Buffalo nickel in an old fatty holder with an MS65 on it and there were a couple of 1834 50 cent pieces in VF20 and VF30 that I took a good look at. I was seriously tempted but wasn’t quire sold on them – though I actually thought the VF20 was nicer looking than the VF30 with the 1834’s.

I probably would have gone for either the VF20 or that Buffalo nickel but then I saw some Type 3 Standing Liberty quarters that they had, mostly in the range of XF45 to AU58. Three of them in particular were AU58s for $80 each – a 1925, a 1929 S and a 1930. I asked to look at those three and one of the nicer looking XF45s. The 1930 looked really promising on the obverse but then I didn’t really like the Reverse when I saw it.

When I looked at the 1925 I cracked a smile and really liked it – and my wife could tell I really liked it so she encouraged me to go for it, so I did. It was the clear choice over the 1929 S in my opinion in terms of overall look and detail.

I have a raw Standing liberty quarter that I got about 12 years ago. It isn’t in nearly as nice a shape as this one and the standing liberty quarter is a design I like that I had wanted to get a better example of.

I think it's interesting that these, like the Peace Dollars, use the Latin U's (V's) for the mottos on both sides of the coin.





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7 hours ago, gherrmann44 said:

What a neat anniversary gift. Better yet, you bought it together. I'm just betting you had a special surprise planned for your wife! 

It was nice going with her for sure. Some old men in the coin shop were quite amused by Sam and his babbling.

She got 8 bottles of wine, 2 bags of Lindt chocolate, a practical gift and a fun gift. I gave her the presents 3 days early so she could use it all this week. After the coin shop we grabbed lunch together.

I'd say she's been pleased. :)

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