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Well it's Been a while But I'm Back.

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Hi everyone. It's been a while but I have been very sick. Starting in May with surgery to six hours in September to six  in December. I figure you have a right to know. First get P.C.G.S. out of here. There very liberal with there grading. Check the records. It's a disgrace. What I think is this is the first move in a take over by N.G.C. of P.C.G.S. They have had so many problems even giving our rewards to those who supposedly found The first W  quarters. A cry of please send us your submissions. 

      Now to conder tokens. I was shut down from May to January. Now it's time to start sending my conder tokens in.  The first batch will be 17. All beautiful and I believe one that is unique. Some I will leave raw but protected. I had a discussion with another collector. He said I'm a pure collector. I said what's that. All mine are raw. I said that's all well and good. . However you haven't noticed that the environment is changing every day. You know of course the damage it can due to copper?. In a few years you will have all black tokens. No detail no color. If that's a pure collector count me out. They protected them for us  we should do the same for future generatiins.

     Well I'm going to cut this short after all that time dealing with sickness after sickness I'm still weak. Watch there will be more on these art on copper tokens. Thanks and take care. Mike. . 

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