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A much better photo

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   just wanted to share the obverse of the previously posted pic of my 1958 Franklin PCGS MS 67+

Highest graded non fbl Franklin for the year. One of about a hundred total at both grading agencies. Less than that with CAC also.

This pic shows the beautiful colors much better imo. Hope you like it.

I always say collect what you like. I like Frank!

Happy Collecting to all



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I like the Franklin Series. I have almost all but none of mine are toned. I'm not a fan of it. I get my coins weigh them buy from my friends who are sellers. Now I know your not going to believe this but in twenty five years I never , never had a coin tone on me. I don't know why. One I like it if there lightly toned. I have thirty Morgan's nothing. I keep them in great protection. In also keep them in a safe maybe that's it. This one is not bad I like the blues in it and you can still see the details. Great coin I enjoyed it. Some day one will turn. Thanks for the great shot. Mike

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Hi Kerry, you know that really is a beautiful color of blue on that franklin. I started collecting Franklin's in October of 2018. I just sent in my third submission on the june 5.  I am hopping for some good grades. I had sent in some mint state and proofs. In the last two submission I had two bad coins both of them 1949D, I hope that this one come out ok. Enjoy ed looking at you franklin. Don

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