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Awards For Journals And Sets

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Hi everyone. I new here. So I just learned about the awards. I have received many in my lifetime but never for journals or sets. You see I'm collector not a dealer. I don't sell any of my coins ,tokens,or medals. There for my kids. I chose non competitive  sets. So that leaves.me out. One thing I don't understand do we collect the coins we like it are we now doing it for an awards.? I'm confused that's not hard for me. But I think it's more that we collect because we enjoy it it's in our blood and it's fun. I have learned history because of the research and I found everyone tells a story. I don't know the rules and at this point I don't think I want to. I know some collectors who have great collections and great sets. I do I have been collecting for twenty five years and enjoyed it all. Now this. A contest between collectors. What about this  someone that is in  non competitive section. Can not there sets be just as nice as those  competing.? There in lies the problem. If your going to put us against each other then every worthwhile set.should be involved. Personally I don't see the differance. So we buy coins because we like them or they help you win something.? Well I think it's a good idea. I think that there are friends of mine who have won. They should of.  My friend Gary has some.wonderful coins but didn't collect them to win something. He collected them because he loved the beauty of them. Those who have collected coins they love for a lifetime won't win. It's not a set it's a collection. Well I leave it at this. God Luck to all of you. I know.there are nice sets out there and i hope the best sets win. So go to it and may the best man or woman win. Pat

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5 minutes ago, Numismatic, A.A.S. said:

Good deal...I think I'm gonna look into her...maybe acquire a lower grade specimen and study it, then I'll respect the better coin more when I upgrade having learned something I hope, Ancients is not my strong point.  I already have 7 coins I'm serious about, just haven't prioritized it yet....

That sounds like a great plan!  Ancients are pretty cool and I'll tell you something pretty great about Faustina the Younger's denarii......the coin in the photo only cost around $70, including shipping to the US from France, so they're affordable in higher grades, too.  Though my collection is only four coins right now, the most expensive one (they're all in similar condition) was $105.

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On 4/22/2019 at 10:26 AM, Mokiechan said:

IMHO, a few folks here are highly competitive and have the financial means to put together spectacular award winning sets, nothing wrong with that.  Most folks here do it for the love of the hobby, or the specific item they have collected.  A good example of the latter is Gary's Laura Gardin Fraser Custom Set.  Gary did his set for love of the hobby and his subject, the fact he poured so much research and effort into his set is justifiably rewarded.  A set like his, educates and amazes me at the same time, and ultimately, as Revenant stated  "While it is a "competition," the awards are more about recognizing contribution to the community and encouraging participation - particularly the big overall awards. Those go to well researched, well presented sets that add something unique and fun to the registry community".

I give my personal award to Gary's Laura Gardin Fraser set, It is the best set I have ever seen. 

Totally agree and am on record as saying that. Thanks. Mike

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On 4/30/2019 at 10:20 PM, Numismatic, A.A.S. said:

Good characteristics and detail strike on that Ancient. Planchet shows some lamination but from strike or something...I like your coin.

That's the great part of this hobby we collect what we like. Expensive or not. It's what makes you hapoy. Thanks. Mike. Sorry for The delay.

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10 hours ago, MIKE BYRNE said:

That's the great part of this hobby we collect what we like. Expensive or not. It's what makes you hapoy. Thanks. Mike. Sorry for The delay.

I can see myself that way, if I don't like the way it looks I like its mintage...

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