The New '32.



Sleep is a splendid and wonderful thing, when you can get it.

I finally got to have some rest yesterday and, rather than taking a nap in the afternoon I decided to get some pictures taken, edited and sent over to Choya with the new set and coin descriptions. He indicated his approval, so the newly updated 1932 set is up.

If you've seen the set before I don't think the new version is going to have many surprises for you. Other than the updates regarding Bob to the set description it's a fairly minor update to adjust for 10 years having gone by - updated population numbers where I reference them, some discussion on the 1932 quarter about it's relatively newly acquired renegade status, etc. It needed to be freshened up but I didn't want to take a hammer to the presentation / format that won an award in 2011.

The main advantage I think the new shots / images are going to have over the old ones is consistency and accuracy in the rendering of the colors, which was a major problem with the old photos. Taking the pictures all together, at the same time, with the same lights, using similar camera settings, and using photoshop on the RAW files to adjust the white balance on the shots so that I get a true, neutral white (or close to it) for the core / insert of the slab helps this greatly.

Yes, the name of this post is totally (to my mind) a reference to DC comics and the "New '52." Because I'm a geek like that.

I'm finally starting to research the Texas Independence Commemoratives a little more with regards to the history of the coins themselves, which is a bit funny to me given that we built that set 10 years ago. I'm starting to find some interesting things.


I'm going to show the new quarter images below because the quarters are the stars of the set.


1932 25C obv.jpg

1932 25C rev.jpg

1932-D 25C obv.jpg

1932-D 25C rev.jpg

1932-S 25C obv.jpg

1932-S 25C rev.jpg



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I have not seen the set previously, but I will make it a point to visit in the next day or two.  Those 32 Quarters are spectacular.  You need to blog about your photographic methods, if you have not done so already. 

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1 hour ago, Mokiechan said:

You need to blog about your photographic methods, if you have not done so already. 

I can share but it would be short and I suspect you'd be disappointed. The approach I used for these was pretty ghetto and basic, but I use a nice camera and lens. Sometimes I use a shadowbox or some other, nicer lights. But I didn't for these.


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LOL, If your method is ghetto, then my method is third world slum.  I basically hold my iphone over the coin and rest my knuckle on the surface to steady the hand as I take the pic.  I probably should try and devise a method, maybe a lego cradle to hold the phone and slide the coin under the lens.  Hmm, time to hit the stem box. 

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