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Why Do I Slab Conder Tokens?

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Hi everyone. This is probably the most asked question concerning Conder Tokens. Some reasons are justified why they should not be. Let's go there first. The big dealers and sellers and experts will tell you that the grading companies do not know allot about these. There right. P.C.G.S. Does not even mention edge writing. This is important concerning rarity. Some labels are wrong even here in NGC. I wrote a journal on the Franklin Press. They have it down as a colonial. It was not made here and never circulated here. Handel Reverse are out in the obverse.These are a few but major. 

Now why do I Slab mine. Well first we don't believe in there grading system I Slab mine for protection. Especially those that are of great importance.Just like I would protect any coin or medal. There valuable and to have the whole Coventry set complete by Kempson which took five years I'm not going to let's the sit in a two by two. Anything can happen. There old and we want to keep them in there condition. Now I suggested to NGC who now has a London office you want to slab them follow my suggestion. The label will state all the regular information. However when it came to a grade leave it off. We know the fair market value of the masterpieces. Who wouldn't slab them. There protected you skip the grade which will lower the price let's say fifteen dollars. They would make up the difference based on increased volume. Put the British flag on them they were made there. Now you have a prized token protected with no grade. Most of my collection is raw. There are currently thirty eight between the two sets and any Conder expect will tell you the grade. This way you can both come.to a reasonable price. 

Americans would slab there dog I think it they thought they would get a higher price.That's what this is not about. Look at any slabed token with a high grade. In America that comes with a high price. So you see my collection is not all slabed but there are tokens and I did decide whose tokens should go on for another 250 years. We have to preserve them. There part of our history. And everyone tells a story. With the elements in the air they will eventually get to the tokens. We should be thinking about future generations. This is why I slab my tokens. The rare ones.the beautiful ones have to be protexted. So if NGC was to come around and meet us half way we both will benifit. Don't you want to save them for your kids. Or do just want to flip them. That's up to you. I still believe my Coventry set complete is the only set anywhere. They will be around for a long time. I'm still asking after years is there  a complete set out there raw or slabed. Besides all of them are MS. Noticed I didn't put the grade down. MS is a condition of a coin ,token of medal has nothing to do with the scale. You need both. To make a graded token. So NGC I hope your reading this and feel free to contact me. I hope You understand these better. Thanks Mike

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On 5/28/2019 at 12:59 AM, Kohaku said:

As an example, I found an absolutely stunning Pertinax denarius while perusing a wonderful coin shop in Munich.  The only "flaw" was a fairly pronounced flan crack.  I didn't realize my peril...when I returned home and unpacked my suitcase, I was all ready to pack up my latest coin off to NGC for grading and include into my collection...to my dismay, the coin had split into two! :-(

Needless to say, I didn't bother to ship to NGC for grading (although I do wonder is there is some reasonable method to repair it?!).

Also sorry about my late response to your response...I have take several weeks hiatus from the collection, focusing on other things. I hope to get around to some more research/postings soon!


Hi Mike here. NGC does wonderful things.They more than likely can put it back. I'm not sure if the value but it would look nice in your collection. Call them. You will never know.  Mike.




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I'm sorry to here that. I have only heard once before. But any coin especially one that old with a die crack should be checked for travel. These baggage holder even the delivery service here just abuse the boxes they throw them to the back of the truck then all over the truck when looking for it. Maybe the pressure had something to do with it.  It could of been a deep crack and anything would of broke it in two. I would have it checked before I left the country. That's to bad. Maybe another one will show up. I hope.so. Mike

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