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Which Auction Houses???

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Greetings once again;

             Was wondering (since I have no experience) selling coins thru an auction house and it sounds like they charge basically the same for the same service, which Auction house(s) would you recommend in consigning coins to ?  What has been you positive AND negative experiences with them.  Appreciate all the responses.

moondoggy (Mike)

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Depends on what your trying to sell. Heritage will charge you a fee based on your reserve price, if you have one. Heritage also likes valuable coins and might not accept modern coins without something else of value. Great collections is another, used to be you could reserve the coin and pay a fee on reserve if don’t sell, but will sell in like 3 more auctions after that for free. Stacks is ok, they tend to group coins together, if they are of a lesser value and you might not get the price you want out of them.  

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I called Heritage and sent them a list of one of my Franklin collections which I said I was thinking of selling (Franklin Proof Set 1)  After reviewing it they contacted me back and said they would like to have the set (to auction)  but I wasn't sold on their procedures and all.  I also forgot to ask about setting a reserve on just 4 of the Franklins from that collection.  Not sure how much effort they put into their auctions;  maybe it was just the individual I talked to that made me feel that way.  Just didn't get a great vibe ! Or hell maybe it was me that was off my game ......

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 First off check the Heritage auction archive to see what your coins may sell for. For Heritage There is a minimum value that will get into their auctions. Last time I sent some coins I think it was $100 or higher Heritage sales values. All coins under that value go into a sight unseen list to sell at bulk to dealers

 Check other auction houses like Great Collections and see what their auction archives have sold for..

Later Bud --- Rick

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Great Collections....they are not draining the money from collectors on the buy and sell....Great People, the Big ones like Stacks, they thought they ruled the coin World...Stacks forgot about the true collectors and cater to the extremely wealthy....we'll, see what happens...even though I have an account and credit with them...they turned me off during Pouge auctions..spelling? Arrogance at other ones also...Ian at GC is down to Earth and treats everyone with respect. Any budget. Period.

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Yeah, Great Collections is great.  I just consigned some coins with them myself that I would make more money on on selling through them than I would selling them on eBay.  Ian's a great guy and he works really hard for you to both promote your coins and get them sold.  I'd recommend them as well.

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I found an auction house  called Davidson's no charge to the buyer. They sell ancients up But mostly world coins. If you his 120 that's what you pay except shiping. Lately they have been selling American coins. I would say most of there coins at in A/U to MS. So give it a look the American coins are usually older coins. Enjoy the hobby .Mike

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